The Road Home (excerpt from Audition Freedom)

I think of a life in theatre as a garden patch alongside the road home. We stop to get our hands dirty and create some pretty interesting life experiences. Left unattended, it can easily become overgrown with weeds or wither to a barren memory of what it was.

There can be periods of magical blooms and delicious fruit when it is tended to with care. Even when it is kept pruned, plowed, watered and nurtured, there might still be a season of flooding or drought that claims a prized harvest. We can always plant new seeds by discovering new dreams, new people or new chapters in our theatrical scrapbook. It goes like it goes. We spend our lives figuring out well—our lives. Take time to sit and drink lemonade with some stranger who seems to be a thousand years old and be sure to send them away with an armful of bounty from your theatrical garden. I invite you to enjoy the road home, noticing stuff, meeting people and trying to remember who you are and why you are here.

Keep learning. Keep dreaming. Keep working. Keep moving. Keep living your life and bring all that juicy experience into the audition room so we can play with you, learn from you and grow with you. In that possibility, freedom finds everyone—including you.