The Tunnel

Rock Musical

The Tunnel is a rock musical exploration of Joseph Campbell’s Hero Myth, Hollywood’s favored storytelling template of the last twenty-five years with a thrashing score of emo pop, punk pop and rock-n-roll.

Set amidst the actual (former) reality of NYC’s Mole People, the homeless population that lived underground in abandoned subway tunnels, this contemporary musical centers around a jaded journalist who becomes entwined in a young woman’s search for the details regarding the mysterious history of a father she never knew. Campbell’s familiar archetypes such as The Ally, The Mentor, The Oracle, The Threshold Guardian, The Shadow and others appear as part of the fabric of modern New York’s underground secret that ultimately unfold in a quest for truth. The Tunnel is a fantasy that veers relentlessly between the many forms of mythical storytelling: Greek, urban, religious, and folkloric. As the fine line between hunter and hunted blurs, this new musical ascends—by descending beneath the streets of New York City.

The action takes place in the present and the pacing of Act One is purposefully swift in both dialogue and transitions—much like The Social Network. However, the characters depicted could have a neo-futuristic or stylized design elements to accentuate the fantastical, urban and mythic quality of the show.

Inspiration from neo-futuristic big city interpretations in films such as Batman Returns, The Matrix or shows such as American Idiot provide great examples of the heightened visual concept and theatrical technology-based possibilities of the piece.