The Make-It-Happen People

Did you ever notice that there is a very clear distinction between the people who get to the finish line and those who do not? They are the Make-It-Happen People. Books about manifesting miracles and reorganizing your home for better chi may motivate you to clear clutter—which I know from experience is very powerful—but nothing is a substitute for committed action in line with clearly defined goals.

Since everything is now about easy-to-digest short lists, here are 7 mini-mantras that I’ve learned from my mentors, successes, challenges, failures, research and personal life adventure.

1. Waiting sucks.

Stasis equals death so if you find yourself feeling safe and comfy, I can guarantee you that you are not growing personally, spiritually or professionally. Do something. Anything. Procrastination will leave you riding a first-class seat 0n the train to nowhere.

2. Integrate something new.

Technology, word of the day, green vegetables. We only have a limited number of days in this wonderful life adventure—and no one knows how many—so make them all count. Learn something new each day or step outside of your routine a bit everyday to keep in motion.

3. Gentle consistency.

Overloading yourself with impossible task lists or not breaking down monumental goals into workable action steps will kill your commitment and kill your joy. Create a workable action plan that breaks your long-term goals down into measurable action steps. Multi-tasking is a strategy for chaos, by the way. Shut down your phone, turn off social media, block out time to prioritize your day and set yourself up to win with consistent best practices. Oh, and remember to breathe.

4. Launch and learn.

Sometimes you have to work in real time, realize your precious creation [whatever that is] will never be perfect, and just get it out there. Perfectionism and fear are the root of all evil when it come to people or projects that are stuck. Getting your work in the market or in front of people with your name on it launches accountability.

“You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that is where the fruit is.” —Will Rogers

5. You’ll figure it out.

There is nothing you can’t learn by investing time, patience and a few clicks on the Internet. Use the 2-minute rule to look up a word, a new how-to skill or to research examples of anything you don’t know how to do and need/want to do. One of my favorite authors, Danielle LaPorte sums it up beautifully in her Credo for Making It Happen.

6. How you do anything is how you do everything.

This is the mantra that really kicks my butt when it comes to the details of my work. Whether it’s cleaning my bathroom or checking grammar for the third time in an important document that I’m about to send off. Integrity is—and always will be—your job when no one is looking so be sure to give yourself  a nudge when you are tempted to hack your way through anything in your life.

7. Know your WHY.

Why do you do anything? You should know and it should be clear. Whatever you decide to put your life force and time into should be because you love it, want it or need it. Anything else is noise so be sure to not get swept up into the hamster wheel of everyone else’s agenda. Ask yourself if you are happy, creative, challenged in good ways and prosperous. If not, time to sit down with a pen and start writing out your life to see what it looks like on paper. Somewhere in those rants and personal lists of pros and cons, you will have what you need to uncover or discover your why. And that is a very good thing.

Live who you are. Love what you do.

xoxo VP